2069 Time Capsule

In celebration of the sesquicentennial and future Bicentennial of the buildings along Commercial Street (west side/1869), the museum is starting a Digital Time Capsule to collect current memories through our photographs, videos or word documents on USB drives!

The collection process will stop in 2019 during the sesquicentennial celebration of the building.

We will collect them in the museum’s Night Depository as YOU make your deposits!

By purchasing a USB drive and Night Depository Key for $25 your memories will be preserved in our vaults for a reveal in the year 2069. 

The proceeds for this endeavor will fund the make-over and upkeep of the Maurice F. Sweeney Museum for generations to come!

Simply come into to the museum Friday or Saturday from 10-2pm and purchase your USB drive and key! Bring them home and fill up the 4gigs of space with your story in pictures, videos and or word documents and then drop both the USB drive and the key in the Night Depository when you are ready!

If you currently live out of the area, but want to contribute your story as it continues elsewhere in the world, we can mail you a USB drive for $5 and will make your deposit for you!

We Thank You for your continued support of our area’s museum and look towards our future as we celebrate our past and present!
Contact us at: livoniahistorical@frontier.com or 585-346-4579 if you have any questions!